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Tasmania’s unique brand is making waves all around the world, and the DIEMENS not only celebrate our talents, but strengthen our resolve. Which is why we invite everyone, from seasoned industry professionals to students to come together and celebrate our diverse and talented community.

This year our aim more than ever is to create an ongoing voice to highlight our industry. Through collaboration we are able to promote innovation, growth and exposure for you, your company and all facets of our industry. The DIEMENS give you the platform to showcase your wide range of products and services and the ability and reach to foster interaction and education within broader untapped markets.

In the spirit of our industry collaboration is key, which is why we invite you to please join us and our valued partners to help recognise, develop and support Tasmania’s unique creative community.

With commitment, creativity and passion together we can bring the DIEMEN Awards vision to life.

For any sponsorship queries or to become a part of the Diemen family please contact Sam our Chairman or Gary our Treasurer.

Sam Dobie
0411 798 530

Gary Nilsson
0438 246 417


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The Diemen Awards are a team effort. Behind the scenes there are a core group of talented individuals and studios who generously spend many hours working together to bring you the awards as you know it. From our new website to the presentation on the night, and all the design work in between, these are the people who are true ambassadors for our the creative industry.