Entry Details

Please read through this before submitting your work via the online Entry Portal

All work submitted must have been printed, published or installed between 1st October 2018 and 3rd October 2019, and must have been part of a commercial job during the entry period.

All supporting hard material must be delivered to Sam Dobie at The20, 210 Collins Street, Hobart 7000 by COB 4th OCTOBER 2019.

All entries must be submitted online by COB 4th OCTOBER 2019.

All entries will incur a $50 entry fee.

For the Print Awards hard entry material is mandatory. Design and Digital and Advertising work will be judged ONLINE ONLY, and any hard support material will be used for the Award Exhibition only.

Submission of an entry gives the Diemen Awards the right to use images and entry information for publicity, publication and exhibition purposes.

Winners, Finalists and any other work deemed appropriate by the judges will be displayed at the Diemen Awards Exhibition at the Long Gallery and Open to the public on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019

Physical Entries that have the entry label attached discreetly, or with the option to easily be removed will have a greater chance of being displayed.

Physical entries won’t be returned, however, collection can be arranged with Sam Dobie at The20, please email Sam at Sam@the20.com.au to arrange collection.

Entrants are responsible for the despatch and return (if arranged prior) of all hard support material at their expense. Although normal care will be taken, no responsibility is accepted for damage to or loss of any entry or part thereof, either in transit or whilst in possession of the Diemen Awards or its assistants.

No award will be made for a category if in the opinion of the Judges the entries in that category do not warrant an award.

Questions on entry are to be directed to:
Sam Dobie: Sam@the20.com.au




Your work will only be judged on hard copies, however, you still need to fill out the entry form online. It is OPTIONAL to submit images of the work(see below about PDFs/PNGs) however, it helps us during the judging process, as well as us having a digital record of your entry which can be used for future promotion. For your entry to be considered for entry into the NATIONAL PRINT AWARDS you will need to submit 3 or more examples of your work.



You may submit as many entries as you like, and you have the opportunity to save and revise your entries at your convenience before you register them. Entries must be uploaded online (Step 2) and physical items sent if required (Step 4).

Enter awards via the online Entry Portal.



As part of all online registration (except for Radio) you can upload up to 5 images (high res PNGs) to represent your entry. This artwork will be used as reproduction artwork for entries in the 2019 Awards Annual, judging purposes and the Diemen’s website. Digital Entries will also need to provide website links (public and non-password protected), Motion Graphic link, iTunes Store link or any other link to your digital entry.

For each entry in the Design, Digital and Advertising categories you must submit up to 5 high-quality PNGs (see requirements below).

For each Print entry PDFs no larger than 2MB (Eg consider uploading the front cover of a book only) can be uploaded – this is in addition to the mandatory submission of hard copies.

For categories like Copywriting, submit a PDF of the actual copy in the section where you upload images.


PNG specifications

Size: 3000 pixels x 2250 pixels


RGB 24 bit PNG

PDF specifications (2MB Limit)

Printers can supply the original job PDF (or part of), all PDF’s but be submitted without any printers marks (crop, registration etc) to represent the entry. The file size is limited to 2MB per PDF.



For each entry, you can provide a rationale (max 300 words). This is not mandatory, however, it is strongly recommended as a way to give the judges a clear understanding of the work. Rationales should include the brief; outlining the problem, the creative solution, the required outcome, who the client and target audience were, and the result. An interesting fact – awards have been won and lost with good rationales.

Each entry requires relevant details and credits, such as name, client, contributors etc.

If you experience difficulty with your uploads please contact: simon.mundy@peptolab.com



Once you have reviewed your entries and are satisfied your artwork is correct, you can register your entries. Your registration can be for one or more entries – you can select which ones you wish to register (and leave off the ones you wish to complete at a later date if desired). You can pay immediately via Credit Card.

When your entries have been registered, they are ‘locked in’ and cannot be changed.

Download the Entry Labels and print off your registration(s) as an Entry Summary and Tax Invoice. To download your entry labels go to the My Awards Entries tab and select your entry from the list. There will be a Print Label option at the bottom of this page.



Attach your entry label to the corresponding support material and deliver to:

C/O Gary Nilsson
5-7 Bowen Rd
Moonah, TAS

Any support material that does not have the correct entry label will not be considered valid.